Explore Nusa Penida!

* Roads are estimations for illustration purposes!

* Roads are estimations for illustration purposes!



Welcome to Penida, for us, one of the most beautiful islands we have been to. It Is just Magical.

Nusa Penida is a wild island close to Bali. By wild we mean, still not too developed and too touristy (yet) but has all the facilities to be comfortable in Paradise. Still with limitations but is where we found ‘her’ incredible beauty. If you want to be surrounded by coconut trees, incredible cliffs, beautiful beaches, adventurous paths and Balinese culture..…. this is your place !! :)!

Is a must to explore this island!! Despite the most famous sites (we have marked on the map) you will still have so many places to visit! Is such a dramatic scenery! From the mountains where you will be surrounded by amazing and ancient fields terraces that provide to the island with papaya, banana, coconut, corn and cassava! To the sacred temples built in the most amazing places you can imagine to the coast-line of breathtaking views and cliffs to the flat areas where they still do seaweed farming, like Semaya, where you can see and learn about the whole seaweed process and of course, the underwater beauty that hopefully you will be enjoying with us.

What i can almost guarantee is that the smiles of the people from the island will captivate your heart.

  • a little advice: Nusa Penida is a big island (aprox 200m2). For sure you will need transport here, you can rent a motorbike or rent a car with a driver. Some of the roads are not concreted and they can be a bit difficult if you are not an experienced rider, i wouldn’t suggest you take a bike for first time in Penida. If you are not used to ride a bike, much better you rent a car with driver.


Nusa Penida has great travel links with Bali and the neighboring islands. In fact if your timings work out you can be here within a couple of hours of landing and Bali airport!

The most common way to arrive to Nusa Penida is with the Fast Boats from Sanur. There are many companies running trips from early in the morning until almost sunset. The trip to Penida is just 45 minutes. (a word to the wise, be prepared to get your legs wet in Sanur)

An alternative to Sanur is Kusamba, there are also regular Fast Boats servicing Nusa Penida. Slightly shorter trip times and it is cheaper, due to the shorter trip.

For those traveling by motorbike, there is also a daily (sometimes twice daily) roll on roll off ferry from Padang-Bai. The schedule varies and is ‘more of a guideline anyway’ so be sure to check in advance. Generally leaves Padang-Bai around midday.

For those already in Nusa Lembongan there are regular boats between the islands, leaving from the ‘Yellow Bridge’ in Lembongan.